You can make a REAL difference

Thank you to everyone in the community that kindly sent in a letter objecting to the proposed Willson Developments application to build 350 homes south of Foxley Lane and west of Murrell Hill Lane.

Bracknell Forest Council received a HUGE number of objections and as a response to this number of objections, we will have the opportunity to speak, as a community at the planning committee when this application is heard and decided upon.

BINFIELD VILLAGE PROTECTION SOCIETY (BVPS) are fundraising within the local community to raise enough money to put together a detailed professional traffic consultation for the village and highly experienced legal representation to try and ensure this planning application goes no further.

ANY amount you could donate to towards making this happen as a community would be incredible. This is our opportunity to help protect this RURAL area, the HISTORY and the WILDLIFE from unsustainable development.

It will affect not just the residents of Binfield but those who come from further afield to enjoy Murrell Hill.

Thank you for your support



Foxley Oaks Planning Appeal Now Live – Your Comments are Important!

The appeal for the Foxley Oaks development on Murrell Hill has now been processed by the Government Planning Inspectorate with a reference of APP/R0335/W/17/3177088. You can the appeal by following this link: Your comments are important Comments from interested parties (that includes residents) are due by the 17th of August 2017 so its vitally… Read more Foxley Oaks Planning Appeal Now Live – Your Comments are Important!

Foxley Oaks – Planning Appeal

As previously mentioned the Foxley Oaks planning application (16/01196/OUT) has now gone to appeal. Its estimated that the appeal will be heard by the Planning Inspectorate towards the end of 2017. We will endeavour to keep everyone updated on the process of this appeal. How are appeals determined? In general, appeals are determined on the same… Read more Foxley Oaks – Planning Appeal

Foxley Oaks: Wokingham SANG Approved

Wokingham District Council have Approved the change of use application for the Foxley Oaks SANG which is actually based on the other side of Binfield Road within the town boundary of Wokingham (Hurst) rather than Bracknell (Binfield). Sadly this will undoubtedly add substantial weight to the developers appeal. Dear Sir/Madam Application No: 163396 Location:  Land… Read more Foxley Oaks: Wokingham SANG Approved