The future of Popes Farm to be decided

A Planning Application by Shanly Homes (ref 17/00337/OUT) for Popes Farm at the London Road (southern) end of Murrell Hill Lane (known locally for its rare-breed black sheep) will be decided at the coming Bracknell Forest Council Planning Committee on the 18th of January. “Outline planning application for the erection of 53 dwellings, associated vehicular and… Read more The future of Popes Farm to be decided

Foxley Oaks Planning Appeal Now Live – Your Comments are Important!

The appeal for the Foxley Oaks development on Murrell Hill has now been processed by the Government Planning Inspectorate with a reference of APP/R0335/W/17/3177088. You can the appeal by following this link: Your comments are important Comments from interested parties (that includes residents) are due by the 17th of August 2017 so its vitally… Read more Foxley Oaks Planning Appeal Now Live – Your Comments are Important!

Foxley Oaks – Planning Appeal

As previously mentioned the Foxley Oaks planning application (16/01196/OUT) has now gone to appeal. Its estimated that the appeal will be heard by the Planning Inspectorate towards the end of 2017. We will endeavour to keep everyone updated on the process of this appeal. How are appeals determined? In general, appeals are determined on the same… Read more Foxley Oaks – Planning Appeal

Foxley Oaks: Wokingham SANG Approved

Wokingham District Council have Approved the change of use application for the Foxley Oaks SANG which is actually based on the other side of Binfield Road within the town boundary of Wokingham (Hurst) rather than Bracknell (Binfield). Sadly this will undoubtedly add substantial weight to the developers appeal. Dear Sir/Madam Application No: 163396 Location:  Land… Read more Foxley Oaks: Wokingham SANG Approved

Residents Transport Objection Report

Transport Objection to Proposed Foxley Produced by Railton TPC Ltd. on behalf of the residents of Binfield. Note: The traffic data-tables will be added shortly.. 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. This report has been prepared on behalf of local residents in relation to transport information submitted to Bracknell Forest Borough Council in support of a proposed development… Read more Residents Transport Objection Report

Foxley Oaks Goes to Planning Inspectorate Appeal

Willson Developments have requested that the Foxley Oaks development goes to Planning Inspectorate Appeal (Reference 17/00021/NON) due to the application taking more than 8 weeks to be decided, even though they themselves have been dragging their feet with the appropriate documentation, it feels like they are playing a game with our council. We can only… Read more Foxley Oaks Goes to Planning Inspectorate Appeal

Wilson Developments Response to Public Objections

We write on behalf of our clients, Willson Developments Ltd., in relation to the above application in response to the objections raised by the general public to the outline planning application for a residential based development at Land South of Foxley Lane, Binfield. Please note that we have categorised the objections under sub-headings as indicated… Read more Wilson Developments Response to Public Objections

Wilson Developments – Heritage Response

Wilson Developments have responded to the Heritage Consultation stating that that because Whitehouse Farm Cottage is surrounded by foliage it is shielded from the rest of Murrell Hill and its setting its NOT a consideration because the “the public benefits of the proposals are considered to outweigh the less than substantial harm to Whitehouse Farm Cottage”… Read more Wilson Developments – Heritage Response

Foxley Oaks – Lack of School Places

Bracknell Forest Council’s – Environment, Culture & Communities Department have acknowledged that there is insufficient primary school capacity for the proposed Foxley Oaks development (ref 16/01196/OUT). “it is estimated that the development would yield approximately 138 primary aged pupils, 50 secondary pupils, 14 post 16 pupils and 3 SEN pupils.” The alarming part however is… Read more Foxley Oaks – Lack of School Places